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With how often my husband does stuff around the house, I have the local handyman on speed dial. Lars has been so wonderful to me, but unlucky for me, he doesn't know a thing about garage doors. I says, how do you not know how to fix my garage door? You do crazier things around my home. It's okay though. He's still okay in my book, and I still hav him on speed dial, but now, I also have San Jose Garage Doors on speed dial. They came out quickly and fixed my garage door for cheap! No more fussing with a garage door, I just call and San Jose Garage Doors will take care of whatever it needs.
- Christi C.

My garage door broke. It's as simple as that. I would look at it, but I don't know what any of it means. I think I'd be better off trying to learn Japanese. Anyway, I had a relative that had used San Jose Garage Doors before, and they were fantastic! My garage door is fixed, they take care of the maintenance, and now, if my garage door breaks, it won't disturb my Japanese lessons!
- Matthew T.

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